1A. More Info About Web Pages

Other Options
  • You can find many OTHER people (see the "Other Web Page  Builders" page) that will build you FANCIER web pages -- using XHTML, CSS, PHP, Wordpress templates, Drupal content management systems, and all that other  complicated stuff -- for no more money than we charge.   
  • And this is fine.
The Advantages Of Using Blogger

The advantages we see of using this Blogger system are:
  • 1. You don't have to worry about paying a recurring web hosting fee every year, since Google/Blogger generously allows free hosting.
  • 2. Once you get familiar with the Blogger system, then you can use it YOURSELF, to build MORE websites at no-cost or low-cost for yourself or your friends.
  • 3. You can add and remove "administrators" that can edit the website.
  • 4. You can add and remove "authors" that can edit only one or two or three specified pages with no privileges to edit the rest of the website, which "protects" an inexperienced editor from accidently damaging the website.
Other advantages we see of using this Blogger are:
  • 5. It's part of Google, and thus financially "sound".  You don't get constant requests to "upgrade to the paid system" like other free services.
  • 6. Blogger allows you to build as MANY free websites as you need.  Many services limit you to only two or only 5 websites.
 The Disadvantages Of Using Blogger
  • Blogger is perpetually changing their system which causes features to malfunction; resulting in confusion, frustration, and lost time.
  • Automatic spam-detection software may delete your legitimate web page (due to problems with Spammers).
  • Support is almost non-existent.  You cannot call them nor email them.  You post your problem in a public forum and pray that a 'forum monitor' forwards it to Blogger support.